What's Payoneer?

  • Payoneer is a global platform for receiving payments from companies and over 2,000 marketplaces, networks and business platforms in the US, the UK, the EU (European Union) and Japan.

  • Payoneer makes it convenient for Nigerian freelancers to get paid from abroad.

What do I need to sign up on Payoneer?

You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for a Payoneer account.

How long does it take to sign up on Payoneer?

Applying for a Payoneer account takes minutes but approval of the application may take longer. This is determined by Payoneer, not Kuda.

What can I do with Payoneer on Kuda?

You can:

  • Create a Payoneer account or connect your existing Payoneer account on Kuda.

  • Receive payments from companies and marketplaces abroad with your Kuda account.

  • See your Payoneer account details and balance(s) on Kuda.

  • Send money from your Payoneer account to your Kuda account instantly.

What kinds of payments can I receive through Payoneer on Kuda?

  • You're restricted to business-related payments.

  • You can't use Payoneer on Kuda to receive donations or money from your friends and family.

Can I send money through Payoneer on Kuda?

No, you can't.

What is the exchange rate on Payoneer?

The exchange rates for different currencies will vary based on what Payoneer sets. We don't have any control over these rates.

Can I receive foreign currencies in my Kuda account through Payoneer?

No, you can't. Your payments will be converted to naira at Payoneer's exchange rate and deposited in our Kuda account.

I've been using Payoneer on Kuda for Web. How is Payoneer on the Kuda mobile app different?

Using Payoneer on the Kuda mobile app allows you to see your Payoneer account details and make instant withdrawals from your Payoneer account to your Kuda account.

There are more guides to using Payoneer here.

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